Angelique van Bezouwen
Angelique (1961) lives in a small woodland in the Netherlands together with her husband.
She graduated at the Willem de Kooning Academy of Art in Rotterdam as a fashion designer and created many fashion collections for both women and men.
It was many years later, after her two daughters were born, that she became aware of her psychic and mediumistic abilities. She studied and trained for 7 years before becoming a professional medium in the Netherlands at the Academy for Mediumship and The Treehouse. In England at the renown Arthur Findlay College, and at the Spiritualist National Union International (SNUi) online.
Combining both her creative and mediumistic talents results in artworks with an extra layer such as Auragraphs, Spirit and Guide portraits and inspired art.
Her artwork is mostly based on commission. She gets request from all over the World like the USA, Canada, the UK, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. People love the very personal work and it is always guided with either a reading, or a message from people in the Spirit World. All the work has a healing quality to it as it helps to deal with grief for instance.

She teaches on several subjects by request like psychic and mediumistic art, inspired art, healing art for the self, portraiture, mediumistic and intuitive development.
Besides her artwork Angelique loves to design interiors in a modern, contemporary style and works on several large projects in the Netherlands for national and international clients

Angelique was honored by many publications in books and magazines written by Maximillien de Lafayette and published by Times Square Press New York.
She has won many rewards due to the quality of her work. In January 2018 she was elected as one of “The World’s best psychics, mediums and lightworkers” of the year 2017/2018 by the American Psychic & medium magazine.
She will continue to develop her talents in order to become the best she can be in service to others.